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Irbisio is a cleantech infrastructure fund dedicated to supporting the global transition to a sustainable future.

We open doors to sustainable investments that offer high potential returns, managed risks, and steady cash flow. Leveraging our vast investment expertise, we meticulously select projects, guard against risks and channel finance into green endeavors. In doing so, we are steadfast in delivering value to our investors, empowering our communities, and nurturing our planet. Embark on a journey of sustainable investment with Irbisio.


Cleantech investing is no longer about speculative bets on possible winners...

...but about sustainable investments in projects and programmes that are going to make a difference in the transition to carbon net zero, while creating value and delivering stable returns for investors.

Irbisio is committed to identifying cleantech opportunities for our clients that align with major technology trends and offer de-risked investments.

Green Energy Projects
We invest in projects promoting green energy - from energy conservation and sustainable energy generation to optimizing energy use. By backing initiatives that cut carbon emissions and encourage eco-friendly practices, we actively contribute to the global shift towards sustainable energy.
Risk Mitigation
Risk mitigation forms a key part of our investment strategy. We collaborate with contractors offering performance guarantees, invest in experienced teams with proven track records, and secure long-term off-take agreements to guarantee stable revenue streams. This approach bolsters the resilience and profitability of our investments.
Efficient Project Lifecycle
Our focus lies in projects with a swift, sub-18-month investment phase, ensuring a rapid transition from development to operational stages. We also prioritize projects offering a minimum 10-year cash flow projection, laying the groundwork for sustainable, long-term returns.
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Press Release

Irbisio Launches with $100 Million Bermuda-Based Fund to Provide Integrated Approach to Clean Tech Infrastructure Investing

COP 28, Dubai, 11 December 2023: Irbisio Cleantech Infrastructure Fund is launching today to provide an integrated approach to clean technology infrastructure investing. With an initial target of $100 million to be deployed in...


Check out our latest engagement with the Snow Leopard Trust in the Wild Cat Rescue Fund section - a testament to our commitment to environmental conservation that goes beyond sustainable energy.

Featured Initiatives

The Fund is committed to green energy projects, including energy conservation, sustainable energy generation and usage optimization. Explore our portfolio to see the range of projects we engage with across the globe.

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