our portfolio

Welcome to the realm of projects that Irbisio is actively exploring.

We are committed to sustainable development on a global scale. Our project pipeline, valued in the order of a hundred million dollars, encapsulates a diverse range of opportunities. With the guidance of our visionary founders and esteemed partners, Irbisio identifies projects spanning Europe, North America, and South America.

Renewable Energy Communities

Irbisio places a high priority on the establishment of renewable energy communities that utilize wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. These communities are instrumental in promoting energy independence and reducing carbon emissions, thus pushing the boundaries towards a greener future.


Irbisio is enthusiastic about the potential of biomethane as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Our interest in biomethane projects underscores our dedication to the production of renewable gas that can be used for heating, transportation, and electricity generation, which are significant steps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lighting Energy Saving

We are keen on exploring projects focused on lighting energy savings to enhance energy efficiency. By examining the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, we aim to facilitate the transition to energy-efficient lighting systems, leading to a decrease in electricity consumption, and considerable savings for businesses and communities.

Biofuel from Crops

Recognizing the value of diversifying energy sources, Irbisio actively investigates projects devoted to producing biofuel from crops. By fostering sustainable agricultural practices and advanced bioconversion methods, these projects are capable of yielding clean and renewable fuels, promoting energy security, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency

At Irbisio, we consider energy efficiency as a key component of sustainable development. Consequently, we actively engage with projects that focus on enhancing energy efficiency across various sectors, with the ultimate aim of reducing waste and increasing overall productivity.

At Irbisio, the projects we engage with reflect our commitment to driving positive change through sustainable practices. We search for opportunities in renewable energy, biomethane, lighting, biofuel from crops, energy efficiency, and geothermal energy that will accelerate the global energy transition.